Saturday, January 27, 2007

Where to go in Australia?

We've got some decisions to make about where we'll visit in Oz, and already we've adjusted our original plans (as they say a plan is worthless - it's the planning that counts). Let's start with the banale (and work our way up to tedious): Australia is BIG. In fact it's 7,682,300 sq km. Ireland by comparison has a surface area of 70,280 sq km. Getting the calculator out (I did say 'tedious') that makes Oz 109.3 times bigger than Ireland. And I still haven't been to Co. Offaly here in Ireland.

So we're not going to get to see every part. In fact we're not going to see most parts. But that's OK as a significant percentage of those 7.6 million square kilometers is probably about as interesting as Co. Offaly.

We'll spend 4 weeks in Sydney (either renting or house-swapping), and hopefully catch up with great friends from our time in Stuttgart, Garry and Ludi. This will be followed by 4 weeks weighing heavily on the hospitality of our friends Simon and Leah in Brisbane (who will hopefully get over the trauma and still be our friends at the end of it), and 4 weeks on the road North of Brisbane, probably to Cairns but perhaps even to Darwin (I had not idea he was still alive!). We hope to fly to Melbourne for a few day to see some Oz/Italian friends (Francesca and Jamie) living there - probably flying from Brisbane.

Simon in Brisbane used to live in Sydney and has given me a load of ideas about what to do and where to go in both of those cities.

If anyone reading this has any ideas about places that we absolutely must see in or around any of those cities, please do leave a comment.

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