Wednesday, January 10, 2007

RTE Radio 1: The Big Adventure

On Mondays, Manchán Magan hosts a show on world travel on RTE Radio 1 (Irish public service radio station). For blog readers outside of Ireland, the contents are downloadable. Manchán has been just about everywhere on the planet, from what I can see.

The show this coming Monday 15th of January includes two mothers who have brought their families on long worldwide adventures. So we're not the only nutters!! I look forward to hearing how these ladies dealt with the kind of issues we're planning for now - especially schooling and health/safety.


carrigdhoun said...

I'm looking forward to his new tv show: No Bearla, where Manchán tries to survive using only Irish on a journey around Ireland.
Veeerrryyy dangerous :-)

A 4-part series.
Sunday nights from 7th Jan 2007, 9.30pm TG4. (repeated Weds 7.30pm)

Brendan Lawlor said...

Absolutely. Check out this article in the guardian to get an idea.

I read this article when it was forwarded to me by a mate who lives in London. His mate runs the café that Manchán visits (and hates!)

The hassle he got from Dubliners is quite phenomenal.