Sunday, January 7, 2007

Overland to Oz

There's no way we're going to do this - maybe in a couple of years when the kids are too old to want to travel with us anymore - but there is something very exciting about this idea of busing it to Oz. It makes perfect sense as there is half a world to see along the way. The market is now beginning to cater for those who want to see the world but while still keeping an eye on their carbon emissions. Despite Ryanair's Michael O'Leary assertions that we, the great unwashed, don't give a damn about the environment but 'only care about cheap flights', there must be an increasing number of people who really do care and are open to new ideas.

I normally quite like O'Leary's screw-you attitude, but his recent outburst (audio) on RTE showed him for the mendacious vandal he is, as a Green Party TD pointed out in response.

As in all matter ecological I confess my sins in advance - I'm not taking my daughters on a 12 week trip on a bus. But at least I know that it's wrong...

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David said...

You'll want to check some figures here but the idea that bussing it to Oz would be a lower carbon emission proposition is very dubious esp. when you see what passes for buses in some places.

The mpg per passenger mile for air travel is comparable to a hybrid car.

Of course if you travelled in the footsteps of the great traveller Dervla Murphy from Waterford you would walk, train and bicycle the tots around.