Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sporking, and other Travel Fetishes

Behold the Spork.

Letizia just couldn't resist buying this in Maher's Outdoor shop in Cork recently (a great shop with one of the worst websites I've seen in years). I'm trying hard to understand the circumstances under which we're ever going to need one of these things. If a restaurant's hygiene is so poor that I don't want to use their cutlery, I'm even less likely to whip out my spork and actually eat their food. I'm also unconvinced that I'll be tucking into any accidental treats, Joey-from-friends-style:

In fact, I'll be amazed if our Sporks ever get any use at all (and given their similarity to the Italian word for dirty - sporco - I wonder how they get marketed there. Would you buy an eating utensil called Filth-ee (tm))?

That's not all we've picked up in Mahers. Oh no. There's a certain specialized camping fetishism that has taken hold at home. Ultra-thin towels that you can wring bone dry. No-water-needed soap, when you really need to get those hands clean. And let's not forget the thermal underwear (getting into mainstream fetishism here a bit).

PS: Ka - these parentheses were all for you ;-)


Letizia said...

You laugh now but the day will come when you could need a spork and I might not remember to pack yours! AND I'm not sharing.

emmett said...

Tia - I'm on your side - sporks are a good idea. Despite your husband's misgivings about the usefulness of sporks, an interesting use they might be put to is to shove it up his arse if he starts getting all pseudo intellectual about stuff. Now, there's a fetish!

Brendan Lawlor said...

Now now Emmett. Don't make the classic mistake of thinking that everthing that is intellectual is also pseudo. I have my lucid moments too, you know!

Besides - I'd be leaking like a sieve if I was sporked everytime I started spouting.

Anonymous said...

B, as a good boy scout I am I know that it is smart to be prepared! Sporking can be quite enjoying, even on a sporadic lunch in the park or to eat that icecream on the beach, so I waiting for that story where u found them of great use :-D