Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Do you read this blog?

If you already know about RSS and feed readers, change channel now.

If you'd like to understand how this and other blogs can tell you when there's a new post to read, so you don't waste your time coming all the way over here and find there's no new content (or worse, forget to come back and miss the news that, say, Queensland crocs have eaten our passports or altitude sickness really does affect men more than women) then watch this short, informative and entertaining explanation of RSS.

If you like the idea, then click the RSS button on the right to subscribe to this blog.

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Brendan McKenna said...

Now if you really want to do something that's useful, you could convince the Chinese embassy to set up a feed for events in processing visa requests. That way they could just repeat the RSS or Atom URL at you over the phone and then hang up.... Of course, it might be too close to being helpful, I suppose.