Friday, February 22, 2008

Annnnnd cut!

After 5 weeks of a stability of sorts, this morning we move on from Sydney. We're heading for Melbourne, but stopping off in Canberra, the Snowy Mountains, and Rutherglen along the way.

Sydney is a terrific city that we leave with regret - especially for our friends here. I'll write a post later on to try to cover our experience of the place - not an easy thing to do given the many different Sydneys there are.

Nina and Sara are excited about the fact that we have our own car (AUS$500 for 2 weeks from Apollo Car Rentals) - me too a little, though I really enjoyed using a reliable bus service while we were here. Nina, when she saw her mother packing our bags again, asked what was going on, forgetting that we were on a bigger trip. She and her sister really do take things one day at a time (when Gary asked her last night what she was looking forward to, she relied 'having a swim in the pool' - the one here at our Randwick apartment).

Yesterday evening we drove through the city, listening to the CDs that Ludi lent us for the road. There was something odd about watching Sydney pass by, all dressed up for Friday night, with our music as a backing track. Odd, but familiar. The it clicked: it felt like the closing credits of a film.

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