Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bought the ticket!!

We have to go now. Just spend most of the SSIA on the RTW ticket. Came in a few hundred shy of 10 thousand Euro for the 4 of us, and that includes the Australian visas which the travel agent has offered to organize.

It's an e-ticket, which is handy - one thing less to lose/get stolen. Letizia had a bit of a brainwave at the last minute. If the ticket allows, we'll take a flight from Sydney to Cairns and drive down from there to Brisbane, rather than driving from Sydney. There were a thousand miles or so left over on the ticket so this seems like a good way to use them and see a bit more of Oz.

Sinéad in ForeignAFares in Carrigaline did a great job. Really knows her stuff and has been very available to us.

Easiest 10 grand I ever spent!


Brendan said...

Hey, cool -- congratulations! This sounds like it'll be a really exciting trip. Give me a ring when you're in this hemisphere!

Brendan Lawlor said...

Thanks Brendan! We definitely will. Can you make any hotel recommendations by the way? 三星级就行了。

Brendan said...

Let's see -- it's been a while since I stayed in a hotel here in Beijing, so I may have to ask around. The Andingmen Hotel is right near me -- I think it's three stars, and it seems to be fairly decent from the outside. Advantages there: it's inside the second ring road, so it's in the nice part of Beijing, and it's about two minutes' walk from a subway station. When'll you guys be in town?

Brendan Lawlor said...

We'll be getting in on the morning of the 30th of December. We're looking for something clean and central (isn't everyone?) and I guess in the end we'll allow ourselves 4 stars to get that if necessary (and to recover from jet lag ;-) )

Thanks for any help you can offer.

selva said...

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