Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wall to Wall Google

I know that Google has already become, for many, the new Microsoft (that is to say the object of mistrust and even hate). Right now, I'm really enjoying the increasingly interesting services that Google offers, and I'm combining them into a Total Travel Solution (tm) for the trip.

Besides the blog itself, I'm using gmail (nuff said), Google Calendars (to mark out planning and travel dates), Google Spreadsheets (to do the budget - to adjust it as we go along and eventually publish it after the trip), Google Documents (to make detailed notes as we go along that aren't ready for a blog entry, but might be useful for afterwards), PicassaWeb (to upload and publish the pictures we take along the way), and Google Maps (to plot the trip using overlays).

What can I say. I'm a geek.

Speaking of geek, I need to decide what computer and digital camera to take along. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Andrew said...

Hi there,
regarding material, whats the budget? could you wait and buy cheap in Asia, or buy 2nd hand until you get to asia? don't forget 220v/110v travel adaptor :-)

Brendan Lawlor said...

That's a fair point. I don't have a strict budget in mind - I just need something that will connect easily to the internet, and with a real keyboard. And then there's the digital camera (I'm looking at a Sony Cybershot at the moment).
I never though of waiting until we got to China, but then again, I don't think Letizia would thank me for spending the first 24 hours of our trip browsing electronics stores :-) Especially as we only have 2 weeks to see 3 cities.

David said...

Decide whether it's serious photography or not.
If yes then SLR such as Nikon D70/80, D50, D40 or suchlike

In either case get some small pocketable cameras like the Nikon L4 around 100 euros
and have each person in the family using them. Easier to have same model for each.

All digital of course.

Brendan Lawlor said...

Interesting idea. I was looking at something with a lithium battery and plenty of memory (start at Euro 250 here). While I like the idea of having a few ones to share, it might be a little needlessly extravagant. I'd have to get one each for Nina and Sara to stop them from fighting with each other ;-)