Monday, December 18, 2006

The Budget

This is a big deal. You're not going to go anywhere without the necessary funds. When this is all over, I'll publish the budget - both planned and actual. For now, let me tell you about a few tricks that we're using to make things easier:

1) House swapping/renting: To offset the cost of accommodation, we're either going to try a house swap with folks in Oz and New Zealand, or we're going to try to rent our own house out. Neither is a sure bet, and for now we're going to investigate both avenues. It has to be said that things are made a lot easier thanks to Simon and Leah in Brisbane who, in a moment of insanity (which I will offer them the chance to retract) have invited us to stay with them for a month!

2) Tax efficiency: Good advice from my accountant. I've asked my employers to hold back some of my salary for 2007. I'll only feel 59% of that loss as the rest was going to the taxman anyway. During 2008 when we're on the road, they'll pay me back what they held onto, and as I'll earn so little that year, I'll be under the tax net. That'll cover standard expenses while we're away (mortgage mostly). Clearly, understanding employers are pretty damn important for a project like this, and I'm lucky to have two very enlightened bosses.

3) Buy and sell: The plan for transport in Oz and New Zealand is to buy a car on arrival, and sell it back when we leave. I have to do a little more research on this, but I'm told that it's a reliable method. It'll be necessary to arrange something in advance. Anyone out there got car salesman friends in Auckland or Sydney!?!

As far as South America and China are concerned, prices are relatively low and we can hope to go a long way on very little.


Andrew. said...

Well ya got me hooked on these blogs now! I find myself "checking in" every morning. Regarding swapping houses we are coming home in April and swapping for a week, I think there is a few websites that can set things up. By the way a friend of mine not to far away from you has started a blog:

Brendan Lawlor said...


If you have any recommendations for particular websites, and eventual feedback on how the swapping experience goes, let me know.

BTW: Does this mean we can expect a 'Carrigdhoun' blog any time soon?