Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trying something out

I've been using Zemanta for the last few blog entries, by way of making it easier to link to related wikipedia articles, and finding related news. But now I've come across something called Apture which allows me to do something similar, but connecting to a larger selection of links, using multi-media formats which pop up directly on the screen.

For example if I mention a song called No Alarms and No Surprises by Radiohead, I can easily set up a few references to YouTube and similar. A reference to Hu Jintao might yield different results on different media formats.

Let me know if it gets too irritating.


Theresa said...


Thanks for being an early adopter of Apture. Since you're blogging about your trip, you can also create Apture Links to Google Maps. This way you can let people know exactly where you are throughout the hike. You can link to a Google Maps by searching the Maps field within the Apture editor, or by copying and pasting an embed code from a Google Map. Here's an example that uses maps to illustrate location in a blog post:

Cheers and good luck!
Theresa Johnson

Brendan Lawlor said...

Thanks Teresa, I'll try that out.