Friday, April 18, 2008

Poll Time: Extreme Kiwi Activities

When in Rome, throw yourself off the biggest aquaduct. Or something.

There are more extreme activities to do in New Zealand than I have money to pay for. I'm damned if I'm going over budget again (says the guy who just gave in and bought an ex-lease laptop) so I'll have to decide with of the many madnesses on offer I'm going to do. I need a prioritised list to work my way down until I run out of money. And you can help me compile it.

On the right is a poll gadget with a list of those activities with big price tags that I'm interested in doing. (I can just go without food for a few days in order to afford the lower-price ones.) Which of these items, in your opinion, are mandatory for visitors to New Zealand? You can choose more than one, but please don't just tick them all - perhaps a maximum of three.


dathai said...

Balloon and rafting are the more group activities and likely more suitable. Bungy, skydiving are solitary. Jet boating doesn't rate so well on this measure.

dathai said...

More resolution on this choice might be entertaining. Rather than voting to have the entire family sent through the rapids could we instead have Brendan pushed out of a plane while the girls watch the sunset from a balloon ride ?
(obviously a quiet day at the desk here)

Brendan Lawlor said...

Dave - you beat me to the punch. I was just going to make the situation more clear: This poll applies only to me. Anything I choose to do may or may not include the girls and of course they may do stuff that I don't.

So fire away with a clear conscience - the ladies are safe.

Dave Mulligan said...

You have to Bungy, it's great. I did it when I was in NZ and right away afterward wanted to do it a second time. I will admit, it was quite hard to jump, but for those 2, maybe 3 seconds of free fall, wow! Seen how much I enjoyed the Bungy Jump, I'd say Skydiving must be really really cool. You can do a Balloon right back here in Ireland, the sights may not be as good, but as you said, when in Rome.

Dave G said...

Just cast my vote. Just wondering why is zorbing not included. Surely its an essential NZ activity.

Brendan Lawlor said...

@DaveM: I will take all that on board. Cheers.

@DaveG: Thanks for voting Dave (is everyone commenting on this entry called David :-) ). I didn't add zorbing as I don't think it's a big price ticket and so I'll probably do it anyway. With the other activities I'll have to choose between them. The balloon flight alone costs more than 500 euro for the family (it's one of the things that we can all do, with very little reduction for kids, so it ends up costing a lot of money). I'll check the price of zorbing, and if it's very high, I might belatedly add it to the poll.