Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Out of Sequence: Inner Space

We're in Cairns, and I haven't even blogged on Melbourne and what came after yet. But I couldn't resist: We've just come off the Great Barrier Reef, and I've experienced scuba-diving for the first time. For a change, I'll just let some pictures do the talking.


dathai said...

Good stuff. Best post yet :)
If you're into it,
don't forget that West Cork
is a noted dive destination...

Brendan Lawlor said...

I'll definitely be looking at a PADI when I get back, but I much prefer the Sardinian option. Better visibility, lots of wrecks going back to the Phoenicians, warmer water (I know - I'm a wimp)

Andrew said...

Are you mad! there are Sharks, Rays, Jelly fish - get back on dry land where you belong!

Anonymous said...

Well done Brendan. Get some PADI certs underneath your belt and you can dive in what I think is the best dive location in the world - West Cork. A sunny flat calm summer morning off the fastnet is heaven. You tend to remember it 'cos it doesnt happen very often.


ds99 said...

I thought the diving was in South Cork !

Brendan Lawlor said...

@Andrew: In short, yes. I must be. I'm normally at my most comfortable at sea-level. But I think I might have been bitten by a bug.

@jm: Therein lies the rub. I suppose I could wait on the shore with a rusting bottle for the conditions to be right. In any case, I'll be asking for tips on locations when I get back.

@ ds99: :-D